Aims and objectives

Through interdisciplinary basic and translational biomedical research we wish to improve knowledge of diseases, develop new treatments and tests in order to obtain the optimal individualised treatment to patients with cancers.

Objectives: to improve quality of life, disease control and survival for adult patients with solid tumours. 


  • to develop more effective cancer treatments through rational and efficient clinical and laboratory research, 
  • to optimize current treatments by personalizing them and increase the efficacy 
  • to reduce side effects.




Focus areas

Our focus areas:

  • Tumour immunology Phase 1-3 clinical trials, both academically led and commercial oncology clinical trials. The portfolio of studies includes novel therapies such as vaccines and immunotherapies and first in human trials
  • Radiotherapy
  • Electroporation
  • Biomarkers and genomic profiling

Disciplines, methods and tools

  • Participation in international research networks
  • First in man studies
  • 60-65 active studies across the majority of oncology disease sites
    • Locally developed clinical databases and eCRFs
  • Gene profiling
  • Bio bank for different types of cancer
  • Clinical studies with translational research as a key objective
  • Clinical studies with radiotherapy
  • Intraperitoneal therapy
  • Intratumoral therapy
  • Electroporation therapy
  • TACE – Trans Arterial Chemoembolization
  • GMO studies
  • Immunotherapies
    • GMP Certified laboratory for preparation of therapeutic cellular products and evaluations/monitoring of immune responses
    • Production of both T-cells and Dendritic Cells (including mRNA transfection) for clinical use
    • TILS

Useful links

Center for cancer research, Dept of Oncology


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