Aims and objectives

The Department of Clinical Microbiology is dedicated towards improving and developing methods for diagnosis and management of infectious diseases and for infection control purposes. Through multidisciplinary research activities and together with our research partners in Denmark and abroad – we aim to conceive and implement new methods which can benefit our patients using a One Health perspective.


Focus areas

Our areas of focus are with the infected patient whether hospitalised or in general practise and with reducing nosocomial infections.

Our research is organised into five major programmes:

  • MRSA, VRE, C. difficile, ESBL and other multi resistant bacteria
  • Next generation sequencing for bacterial genomes, metagenomics and viral populations
  • Bacterium and urinary tract infections
  • Monitoring HCV, HIV and HBV for viral-load, subtyping and resistance
  • Sexual transmitted diseases


Disciplines, methods and tools

The foundation for our research is the laboratory’s clinical patient samples - more than one million yearly. We aim for an innovative use of interdisciplinary research combining traditional bacteriology with extensive use of PCR and Next generation sequencing for bacterial genomes, metagenomics and viral populations.


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