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Kirurgisk Gastroenterologisk Klinik - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Aims and objectives

To use clinical data in research and development to improve quality and to translate basic research to improve patient outcomes in terms of improved survival, QoL and to reduce morbidity and time to adjuvant treatment.

To personalize surgery to increase respectability and operability to improve overall survival in cancer.

To understand immunology of liver transplantation to improve organ and recipient survival.

To improve training and selection of specific tasks for surgeons

Focus areas

Safety in:

Esophageal, GI junctional and gastric cancer treatment.

Endoscopical treatment, and automated competence evaluation in endoscopy

Pancreatic cancer treatment

Liver - biliary and liver transplantation



Disciplines, methods and tools

Basic research (florescent, HD) in tumour markers in order to evaluate these in clinical  use

ERAS in upper GI surgery

National database registration in order to get comparable data for upper GI cancers



ID: 441