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Intensiv Terapiklinik ITA - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Aims and objectives

Our aim is to improve the care and outcomes of critically ill patients at reduced overall costs through high quality clinical research.

Focus areas

We focus on interventions that are frequently given to critically ill patients for which there is doubts about the balance between benefit vs harm, including intravenous fluids, transfusions, nutrition, stress ulcer prophylaxis, anti-psychotics, immunoglobulin and antibiotics.

To improve the selection of patients, we assess if detailed pheno- and genotyping may improve prognostication and stratification.

Disciplines, methods and tools

We do large cohort studies, randomised clinical trials, systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines. We are deeply involved in the national Centre for Research in Intensive Care - CRIC and the strategic research project BigTempHealth.

Useful links

Centre for Research in Intensive Care - CRIC


  • Tlf: +45 35454131

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