Aims and objectives

The overall aim of the laboratory is to understand the influence of mechanical loading (physical exercise) or lack thereof upon the tendon tissue in order to differentiate physiological adaptation from pathogenesis of injury development. Further, we want to understand the cell-matrix interplay in both tendon and skeletal muscle, and to characterize the interplay between different cell types. A special focus is currently on the age related loss of skeletal muscle and degeneration of connective tissue. All the aims have the perspective of counteracting and preventing tissue loss and damage.

Focus areas

Tendon tissue overuse and regeneration in relation to sports injury

Ageing skeletal muscle and its adaptation to physical training and inactivity - interaction with nutrition

Disciplines, methods and tools

Human physiological integrative studies on healthy individuals and sports injured patients

Molecular and biochemical approaches to track matrix and skeletal muscle signalling pathway activities

Morphological examination of tendon and skeletal muscle tissue - microscopy and imaging


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Institute of Sports Medicine


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