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Gastromedicinsk Afdeling HVH - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Aims and objectives

Our aim is to perform high quality research within the fields gastroenteritis and Herpetology.

Focus areas

The Department has specialised functions within:

  1.  a) Cirrhosis and complications.

              b) Fatty Liver Disease with focus on bariatric surgery

        2.  Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

        3.  Acute and chronic Pancreatitis

Disciplines, methods and tools

Cirrhosis and complications: Haemodynamic alterations are evaluated by catheterizatios, MRI, functional studies. New regimens are evaluated by placebo controlled randomized studies.

Fatty Liver Disease: Effects of bariatric surgery, randomised studies, pathophysiological and interventional studies including translational studies.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Clinical and epidemiological studies. Studies dealing with the bacterial diversity.

Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis: Functional, patohysiological and clinical studies.



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