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Fysio- og Ergoterapi - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Aims and objectives

The main aim of research in occupational therapy and physical therapy is to investigate the effects of active rehabilitation in patients admitted to the hospital.

Focus areas

The main focus of research in occupational therapy and physical therapy is to investigate how to optimally use active rehabilitation to enhance recovery in patients.

Special emphasis is put on clinical research regarding the challenge of patient rehabilitation including both hospital and rehabilitation centres in the municipality.

Furthermore, research in the development and evaluation of outcome measures is performed along with research regarding evaluation of risk factors for poor results.

Disciplines, methods and tools

Research evaluating the effect of occupational therapy and physical therapy is mainly performed as randomised clinical trials investigating the effect of different kinds of active interventions. These are supported by conducting of systematic reviews and meta-analysis.

Furthermore, validation studies investigating the quality and measurement properties (validity, reliability and responsiveness) of relevant outcome measures are conducted as well as qualitative studies – i.e. interview studies – investigating patient experiences related to rehabilitation. 

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