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Fysio- og Ergoterapeutisk Afdeling - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Aims and objectives

The aim of the research activities in the department is to investigate the ability of physical therapy interventions to prevent disease or enhance recovery after disease. 

Focus areas

The research activities within the department have the following focus areas:

1. Feasibility and efficacy of exercise-based interventions in different patient populations

2. Evaluation of technology to facilitate home-based exercise interventions in different patient populations

3. Development and validation of outcome measures used in different patient populations


Disciplines, methods and tools

The research activities within the department are for the most part organised within the research program “Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Research – Copenhagen (PMR-C)” ( PMR-C is a multidisciplinary research program in physical medicine and rehabilitation that produces around 40 international peer-reviewed papers per year and has a staff of 15 people, including 2 Associate Professors and 1 Senior Researcher, affiliated. The research program has a number of different research groups – each lead by a senior researcher – reflecting the different research areas.    

PMR-C´s research approach is clinical, but we also conduct basic research to investigate mechanisms and research to develop new outcome measures. We typically employ a 4-phased research model consisting of: Identification of problem areas (Phase 1), Preliminary efficacy of interventions targeting identified problem areas (Phase 2), Large-scale efficacy-testing of preliminary efficacious interventions (Phase 3), Clinical implementation of efficacious interventions. 


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