Funktions- og Billeddiagnostisk Enhed, Klinisk Fysiologisk Sektion


Aims and objectives

It is a primary goal of the department to initiate and conduct scientific research at the highest international standard in corporation with other departments and research institutions nationally and internationally.


Focus areas

Main focus areas are research within the fields of psychophysiology and hemodynamics in particular with respect to complications of patients with chronic liver disease and cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, the department has interest in the pathophysiology of intestinal malabsorption and abnormal gastrointestinal motility, development of new radioactive tracers, and kinetics of bio active substances and homeostatic aspects of blood pressure regulation, body composition, and obesity.


Disciplines, methods and tools

As part of the Centre of Functional Imaging and Research, the department utilizers methods within the specialties of the centre. These include a broad range of classical physiologic methods for the determination of hemodynamics, pressure, flow, clearance, scintigraphic studies and multimodal techniques such as SPECT/CT and PET/CT and magnetic resonance imaging for flow and volume determination.


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