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Enheden for Diaetister og Ernæringsforskning, EATEN - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital

Enheden for Diaetister og Ernæringsforskning, EATEN

Organisation: Afdeling

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Aims and objectives

The aim and objective of the Nutrition Research Unit is to provide scientific evidence for the impact of nutrition on health and disease. In other words we investigate how nutrition can prolong a healthy life as well as aid to recovery from disease.

Focus areas

Our research focuses on optimising nutritional status/intake in hospitalised patient at nutritional risk by identifying taste and food sensory preferences in different patient groups and by investigating different ways to optimise energy and especially protein intake by the oral route. Our research also focus how to optimising the intersectional nutritional care (from hospital to municipality) in regard to the nutritional at risk elderly patients. Additionally, we investigate the influence of nutrition during pregnancy in relation to foetal programming. Emphasis is also put on bridging the gap between research and clinical practise. Finally, focus is also put on maintain a dynamic scientific environment.

Disciplines, methods and tools

We use both quantitative and qualitative research methods. We use preferable the randomised controlled study design. We use validated methods to investigate our outcomes: physical performance/function (i.e. hand grip strength, chair-stand), Quality of life (i.e. EORTC-QLQ30) metabolic markers (i.e. plasma glucose) etc.



ID: 45676565