Center for Klinisk Forskning og Forebyggelse

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    Frederiksberg Hospital, Ndr. Fasanvej 57, 1. sal, Bygning 14

    2000 Frederiksberg



Aims and objectives

Center for Clinical Research and Prevention (CCRP) is a research center with internationally recognized expertise in population-based epidemiology, clinical epidemiology, health promotion and prevention, health services research and biostatistics. Our overall goal is to contribute to a healthier population through improving disease prevention and treatment and by promoting physical mental and social wellbeing.

Focus areas

Our research ranges from basic research into risk factors for disease, research into patient care and disease treatment, to research into effective health promotion and preventive interventions focused on increasing public health. At the same time, we also conduct health services research and applied research.

Disciplines, methods and tools

At the CCRP we have a wealth of data available for health research, and we work to make these resources available to other researchers. For example, the CCRP houses data from population-based surveys of children and adults collected over many decades as well as continuously generated new data, which is combined with data from the national registries for use in epidemiological studies and health and disease monitoring. Health research in a clinical environment Organizational placement The Center for Clinical Research and Prevention (CCRP) is organizationally located as a department at Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital (BFH) and was formed as a joint regional research center. The CCRP is based on larger international, national and regional research strategic agendas that stem from the increasing pressure on health care. A great strength of the CCRP is that our employees are very diverse in terms of their educations, professional skills and the functions they serve in our center. We strive to be a research center that is characterized by openness and trust, and we facilitate an environment that is always open to discussions, whether they are about new ideas or methodological challenges. We prioritize working across disciplines and sections, and we are always open to new opportunities for collaboration.



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