Aims and objectives

A Research Unit within the department of Quality & Education was established December 2016. In collaboration with various national and international partners our main interest is on involving users in developing health services at all levels with respect to special social demographics in a small island population with 40.000 inhabitants.

Focus areas

Chronic diseases and terminally ill patients are investigated to provide a scientific basis for passive versus active forms of involving users including  marginalised communities in order to  differentiate and target the treatment offered.

Also emphasise is on Big Data analyses as a hospital included in The Capitol Region of Denmark along with the implementation of Sundhedsplatformen, a software programme from Epic.

Disciplines, methods and tools

Small scale qualitative and quantitative projects, patient reported outcome measures and patient reported experience measures. Various epidemiological methods are applied to data mining and analyses.

The Research Unit initiates research projects and provide academic support at all levels for collaborating partners.



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