Bedøvelse, Operation og Intensiv Behandling Gentofte



Aims and objectives

We aim to offer the best anaesthetic service available for our patients.  Being one of the largest centres for elective surgery in Denmark we have great opportunities to make our service evidence based. When existing evidence is of questionable quality or new techniques are called for, we have the volume to initiate and execute randomised clinical trials (RCT) and to do so, in a relatively short matter of time we collaborate with different national anaesthetic departments in a hope to be even better to join forces, facilitating large Multi-center safety RCT´s.

Focus areas

  • Optimising multi-modal analgesic regimens, e.g.:
    • Should regional anaesthesia supplement standard pain treatment for that particular type of surgery? (does it work?, does it harm? cost-benefit /risk analysis)
    • How should it be provided?
  • Optimizing anesthetic techniques  / procedures
  • Implementing new evidence


Disciplines, methods and tools

  • Real time ultrasonography, mainly for procedures e.g. regional anaesthesia, central venous lines, peripheral intravascular lines.
  • RCT´s



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