Aims and objectives

Our research specifically aims at patient centred clinical research in patients undergoing elective and emergency surgery as well as acute critical illness. The objective is to provide changes in real world care of the patients.


Focus areas

The optimizations of preoperative pathways both in emergency and elective surgery. A long standing interest and pioneering work in Enhanced Recovery Protocols in elective colorectal surgery and hip and knee arthroplasty has in recent years been supplemented by a research in elderly emergency patients, specifically hip fractures and acute high risk abdominal (AHA) surgery.

Areas of focus is:

  • Multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Pain management
  • Transfusion therapy
  • Delirium as well as hemodynamics and fluid management.


Disciplines, methods and tools

Besides several single and multicentre randomised clinical trials, the department has conducted both descriptive and intervention cohort studies as well as observational studies from national databases. Clinical studies are supplemented by biochemical studies in collaboration with other departments.


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