Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine

  • Regional anaesthesia. Our vision is to make patients painfree in the perioperative setting, ie before, during and after operations. Our methods should be precise, selective, reproducible, controllable and with a minimum of side effects. We are currently developing new ultrasound-guided regional anaesthetic techniques with special focus on improving continuous peripheral nerve blocks and neuroaxial blocks. Another main area is to develop obejctive methods to evaluate peripheral nerve blocks. We have extensive collaboration with industrial partners and partners with complementary skills and expertises. 
  • Intensive care therapy. The main focus is research in acute kidney failure.
  • Intensive care therapy - aftercare. Our vision is to minimize sequelae and improve outcomes after intensive care therapy, such as quality of life, sense of coherence and psychological symptoms (e.g., anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress). Our methods are based on literature research, empirical and previously research in effectiveness and content of patients ICU-diary. We are currently testing the effects of a follow-up program targeting patient’s quality of life and psychological symptoms during the period after ICU for mechanically ventilated patients. We use both quantitative and qualitative methods embedded in a larger RCT. We have extensive collaboration with ten intensive care departments in Denmark.


Research responsible:

Professor Kai Henrik Wiborg Lange, MD, DMSc, DESA,

Head of research, Clinical Associate Research Professor.

45 31909730


Professor Morten Bestle, MD, PhD


Part time researchers:                       

Lars Hyldborg Lundstrøm, MD, BSc, PhD

45 26852525



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