Aims and objectives

Department of Anaesthesiology aims to conduct clinically relevant research in a broad range of areas with thorough methodology and high quality at a national and international scale.

This is achieved through a research unit in expansive growth with affiliation of several ph.d.-students and senior doctors at post doc level. Our research must be cross-sectional and a visible part of routine clinical work. Our department has established a Board of Research to support this.

A clear objective is established and is visible on the link below.


Focus areas

A clear objective is established and is visible on the link below.

Most important focus areas are currently:

  • Oxygen treatment and postoperative cardiovascular and pulmonary complications.
  • Intensive care treatment, including sepsis and early detection of acute critical illness.
  • Toxicology of acute poisoning.
  • Pain treatment and pain patophysiology.



Disciplines, methods and tools

National and international clinical randomised trials, systematic reviews, Cochran methodology, clinical epidemiology, database studies, laboratory and animal studies.

Useful links

Research presentation


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