Aims and objectives

We aim to be  a Center of excellence in inflammation targeting diseases such as psoriasis, contact and atrophic dermatitis, asthma and other allergic diseases.


Focus areas

Our focus areas:

The Allergy Research Centre studies 'big data' in allergy and eczema to identify new disease groups. Also, they characterise the micro biome of healthy skin and those with eczema to increase insight into eczema emergence and treatments.

The Allergy Clinic studies inhalation, food and drug hypersensitivity emphasising on allergen-specific immunotherapy, anaphylaxis, and immunological  mechanisms.

The Clinic for Skin diseases studies the skin barrier and the interaction with the immune system in the development of eczema disorders. Furthermore, the Clinic investigates risk factors, genetics and clinical aspects in children with psoriasis.


Disciplines, methods and tools

Translational and multidisciplinary research integrating dermatology, allergology and paediatric pulmonology aiming at rapid implementation of research into patient care and teaching.


Useful links

The Allergy Research Centre
Department of Dermatology and Allergy


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