Afdeling for Vækst og Reproduktion

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Aims and objectives

Our research is inspired by the realities we face in our outpatient clinic: an increased prevalence of reproductive disorders without known aetiology. Thus, our research activities evolve around growth and reproduction, and search to elucidate how these parameters are affected by genetic, hormonal, lifestyle and environmental factors.

We conduct and follow cohorts of children, adolescents and adults, combine these with bench research, and use various scientific tools to translate this data palette into new knowledge.

Focus areas

Our research focus on the following topics:



Testicular dysgenesis syndrome (TDS)

Disorders of sex development (DSD)

Human semen quality

Origin of testicular cancer

Disciplines, methods and tools

Our research team includes doctors, molecular biologists, chemists, biostatisticians, epidemiologists and public health scientists.

Together, we do both clinical and bench research and run large longitudinal and cross-sectional cohorts of children, adolescents, mother-child pairs and adult men from the general population.

Useful links

National Center on Endocrine Disrupters


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