Afdeling for Plastikkirurgi og Brandsårsbehandling


Aims and objectives

The aim of the research is to simplify surgical reconstructive procedures in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery by means of the translational clinical research approach and to publish results in the widely recognised international journals. 

The objectives are to introduce new procedures into the clinical practise for the benefit of the patients. 

Focus areas

Focus areas at present are to improve minimally invasive reconstructive procedures in the field of breast reconstruction following cancer surgery and to improve the treatment of patients with large burns.

We furthermore, work on optimising treatment and rehabilitation of women with  synchronous bilateral breast cancer and women with Vera early stage disease and carcinoma in situ.

Disciplines, methods and tools

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Clinical immunology, Clinical cell therapy, Pathology and MRI imaging. The methods are randomised triple blinded clinical research protocols and tools used in breast reconstruction are harvesting the patients own mesenhymal stem cells (ASC), culturing them in vitro in order to greatly enhance their number and then enrich fat grafts used for breast reconstruction with them in order to greatly enhance graft retention. Homologous ASC will be used in burned patients. 

We also have a close collaboration with Danish Bra

est Cancer Group, which data base includes clinical and histo- pathologic data on more than 125.000 women with breast cancer.



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