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Afdeling for Ergo- og Fysioterapi - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Aims and objectives

To improve prevention, identification, assessment and treatment of physical symptoms and functions cause by trauma and diseases.

To develop and describe Occupational and Physical Therapy investigation and treatment programme for patients with severe diseases.

Focus areas

The department has multidisciplinary functions. The main area with ongoing studies as examples:

  • Cancer rehabilitation

Titled “Bimodal pre-habilitation program to improve symptom control after treatment for head and neck cancer (SYNK). (ph.d study)

  • Trauma rehabilitation

Titled “Rehabilitation for Danish physically injured veterans and civilians with traumatic leg injuries”. (ph.d study)

  • Neuro rehabilitation

Titled “The effect of pelvic floor muscle training in poststroke men with lower urinary tract symptoms. (post.doc study)

  • Other important areas are: rheumatology/backdiseases, cardiology, urology, obstetric, anaesthesiology, medicine.

Disciplines, methods and tools

The studies are clinical and quantitative.

  • RCT as design for effect studies.
  • Cross-sectional design for identification of physical symptoms and functions.
  • Case-series for development of programmes.
  • Validity and reliability tests of outcome measurements.

Useful links

Dysphagia training after head and neck cancer fails to follow legislation and national recommendations.
Physical and social factors determining quality of life for veterans with lower-limb amputation(s): a systematic review.
Is Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Effective for Men With Poststroke Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms? A Single-Blinded Randomized, Controlled Trial.


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