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Individual Risk and Prevention of Complications: Doctors' Advice to Persons Wishing a New Tattoo

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  1. Identification of pigments related to allergic tattoo reactions in 104 human skin biopsies

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  2. Treatment of atopic dermatitis with dupilumab: experience from a tertiary referral centre

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  3. Tattoos and skin barrier function: Measurements of TEWL, stratum corneum conductance and capacitance, pH, and filaggrin

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Doctors who are consulted about health and tattoo risks have an important role in the prevention of an individual's tattoo complications. Tattooing is a tremendous exposure of the human body to needle operation, particles, and chemicals. The risk is related to a person's health condition, level of insight, decision-making, and to the operation of tattooing, tattoo inks and utensils, tattoo parlour, and the aftercare. Tattooing is painful minor surgery performed without anesthesia. It can be associated with syncope. It is major needle trauma with histamine release and wheal and flare in the operation field. The skin barrier is broken. Bacterial infections come early. Chronically intermittent and mild complaints affect 4/10 of all the tattooed, and 2/10 have sensitivity to sun. Chronic complications with allergy in red tattoos and nodules due to pigment agglomeration and foreign body formation in black tattoos are less common but certainly at the level of cumbersome skin disease. Reactions to black tattoos are strongly associated with sarcoidosis. There are many other distinct entities of tattoo complications. A campaign called 'Tattoo - know your risk' is presented with detailed fact sheets about tattoos, tattoo problems, how to reduce risk, and a checklist for the tattoo customer before decision-making. The sheets with keynote information are useful aids for doctors giving advice to persons curious about acquiring a tattoo.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationDiagnosis and Therapy of Tattoo Complications : With Atlas of Illustrative Cases
EditorsJ Serup, W Bäumler
Number of pages12
PublisherS. Karger AG
Publication date2017
Publication statusPublished - 2017
SeriesCurrent Problems in Dermatology

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  • Decision Making, Denmark, Humans, Patient Education as Topic, Patient Participation, Physician's Role, Physician-Patient Relations, Risk Factors, Risk Reduction Behavior, Skin, Tattooing, Journal Article

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