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Bispebjerg Hospital - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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My work revolves around stroke patients. I have during the past years participated and conducted several projects aiming at improving the acute care of stroke patients.

Main research areas

My main research interest is severe acute stroke. The largest portion of my work has so far been concerning the acute care of patients with intracerebral hemorrhage. Intracerebral hemorrhage constitutes on of the most severe presentations of acute stroke. The prognosis is in general considered poor due to the fact that no effective treatment options exist. I have focused on the concept of early neurological deterioration and hematoma enlargement after admission.

Current research

My current research is focused on limiting the acute hematoma enlargement after admission. Hematoma enlargement is caused by continuous ongoing bleeding on admission. We hope that administration of a drug called Tranexamic acid is able stop the ongoing bleeding by enhancing the coagulation cascade.

Potential conflicts of interest

I have no conflict of interest. I hold research grants from the Velux Foundation, the Danish Medical Association, University of Copenhagen, the Axel Muusfeldts Foundation and from Bispebjerg Hospital.

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