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Unit of Social Medicine - a part of Copenhagen University Hospital
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Aims and objectives

The research at the department for Social Medicine aims to provide knowledge on how to reduce social inequalities in health, prevent exclusion from the labour market and ensure sustainable return to work as quickly as possible.

Focus areas

Our focus areas:

  1. Social inequality in health
  2. Evaluation of working ability for patients with chronically diseases
  3. Effect of interventions for return to work, RTW
  4. Cross-sector cooperation between health care, municipal job centres, public and private companies and citizens to maintain health and secure a fast and sustainable return to work
  5. Associations between health and work

Disciplines, methods and tools

The main methods for the research are epidemiological studies, including register data on the departments patients, intervention studies (primarily RCT designs) and qualitative studies.


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Contact information

Nordre Fasanvej 57, Vej 8, Indgang 2, 2. sal
  • Phone: 38649800

ID: 45733598