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HERMES II: ​Forbedring af information til pårørende via tilpasning og implementering af HERMES interventionen i det danske sundhedsvæsen

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Internationally, only few controlled clinical trials exist on how to improve the information provided to caregivers. The HERMES intervention was developed in a Danish setting after a comprehensive investigation on caregivers' needs. The intervention consists of: 1) a systematic identification of the caregiver's unmet information needs and 2) a subsequent consultation with a nurse providing the lacking information.

The evaluation carried out in a randomized trial at Herlev Hospital showed positive results. It reduced the unmet information needs and improved the caregivers' evaluation of the information from and communication with the health care professionals and the perception of being seen and acknowledged as a caregiver. However, although research projects may show a positive effect, this does not mean that the intervention will be easily implemented in the health care system. Nor does it guarantee that the intervention will show the expected results once implemented in a busy clinical routine.

We therefore suggest a project that will adapt the HERMES intervention to be implemented in Danish departments of oncology and haematolotology by (in the first part of the project):

Elucidating how the HERMES intervention is best implemented in the clinical setting according to the clinical staff.
Elucidating how the HERMES intervention is best implemented in the treatment and follow-up period according to the patients and their caregivers.
Developing a technological solution (web-based for pc and an app for smart phones) for the HERMES intervention in which the responses given by the caregivers will form the basis for a subsequent consultation with the health care staff.
Revising the HERMES intervention based on the outcomes of a-c.
Testing the revised HERMES intervention in a pilot study.

In the second part of the project, the revised HERMES intervention will be tested in a large scale trial with the purpose to:

Implement the revised HERMES intervention in the departments of oncology/haematology.
Test the effect of the revised HERMES intervention.
Evaluate the feasibility of the revised HERMES intervention in a large scale.
Elucidate the effectiveness and the feasibility of the intervention and assess possibilities and potential needs for further adaptation in order to secure the future applicability in the Danish Health Care System.

For more information about the project contact: Line Lund,

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