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Ischaemic heart disease: diabetic heart disease; VTE disease 

Primære forskningsområder

Previous research: Genetics and immunology in Type 1 diabetes. DMSc in this subject 2005.  

Non-commercial : Effects of liraglutide in patients with stable coronary disease - focus on both heart and metabolic parameters.

Company-initated studies on VTE (Bayer AS) and diabetic medication in heart disease (Bayer, Novartis)  

Aktuel forskning

Currently I am involved in studies related to the metabolic (endocrine) effects and effect on heart function of liraglutide in patients with stable coronary disease.

Commercial studies are related to long term treatment with rivaroxaban in patients with  VTE (Bayer AS), effects of an GLP-1 agonist in patients with stable coronary disease (GSK)

Mulige interessekonflikter

Not stockholder in any companies involved in production of medical products.

Have performed company sponsored  studies for Bayer AS, Novartis, GSK.

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