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Bispebjerg Hospital - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Clinical pharmacology; internal medicine; toxicology; epidemiology; clinical chemistry

Primære forskningsområder

My main research areas are clinical and epidemiological studies of overdoses with beta-blockers.



Aktuel forskning

The aim of my current research is to describe the epidemiology of poisonings with beta-blockers and to provide clinical data on a specific treatment option against poisonings with this group of cardio-active drugs. In a retrospective epidemiological study I will describe the clinical course and consequences of poisonings with beta-blockers in Denmark. This is done by merging information retrieved from the national Danish Poison Information Centre (DPIC) register with data from the Danish National Health registry system. In a placebo-controlled clinical trial I am furthermore exploring whether intravenous lipid emulsion is effective in attenuating the effects of a beta-blocker on hemodynamic parameters in a human model of beta-blocker induced cardio-depression. In addition, we investigate how intravenous lipid emulsion affects the pharmacokinetics (distribution and elimination) of metoprolol. The knowledge we generate will be of central value for future poisoning patients and the field in general, because much of the current evidence is derived from animal studies and uncontrolled clinical case reports. Generating relevant human data will likely find its way directly into international guidelines for treatments of toxicological emergencies with cardio-depressive agents.

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