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Bispebjerg Hospital - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Thoroughly experienced in planning, managing, and conducting clinical studies; acute as well as longitudinal human in vivo studies.

Highly skilled in Western Blot technique and RT-PCR analyses and since September 2013 responsible for managing the Western Blot lab at Institute of Sports Medicine Copenhagen.

Widely experienced with application of stable amino acid tracer technique and experienced in microscope techniques, e.g. ATPase staining, immunohistochemistry.

Primære forskningsområder

Explores mechanisms relating modulation of skeletal muscle mass, especially the age related loss of muscle mass. Specifically, conducting research to gain insight into systems and mechanism involved in amino acid utilization and sensing of skeletal muscle. This area is investigated applying resistance exercise and nutritional (protein) interventions in in vivo research models, seeking to improve the skeletal muscle anabolic response.


Aktuel forskning

Studying causes and mechanisms of ageing skeletal muscle being anabolic resistant towards protein feeding. Specifically, investigating if and how an unhealthy lipoprotein profile impairs the anabolic response of whey protein feeding.

ID: 14646